Games Update 2 – 1/2018

The first half of 2018 is over. Can you believe it? Here is a little update about games I enjoyed playing over the last 6 months. Continue reading


Ballz Fortress

Ballz Fortress by Octacube Studios is an arcade game for one to four players. You need to spin your canon and try to eliminate all the blocks that come from all sides. Shot at the blocks as often as the number in it says. For every destroyed block you get a point. Also try to collect bonus items, which will help to eliminate more blocks easier and faster. Continue reading

Games Update 1

This post is about mobile games I enjoyed to play in the last few months. I’m not a big gamer, but I do love good games and I enjoy tactical and puzzle games, but also other games which come my way. Some of the following games are still on my mobile phone, because I still play them, but I deleted some of them too, because I played the whole way through them and finished them. Continue reading


Sweethearts by Octacube Studios is a cute puzzle game where you need to match one Sweetheart with its partner to make the clouds happy again!

The game consists of several different levels. It has 4 different Sweethearts: a red fluffy one, a purple hand-less one, a blue big one and a cyan short-handed one. All of them look really cute and I absolutely love them! The developer of the game even gave them names such as: Purpella, Cyano and Bluey. That is something I find adorable cute! When you open the game the home screen shows all the Sweethearts on clouds and when you tap on them they wiggle and jump and smile at you! Continue reading