There is this game by Alexey Grigorkin called Sandbox. It’s an entertainment game, where you can color several color by number pictures. And I kind of like it. A friend of mine introduced me to this game a little while ago. And it took me awhile to get to used to playing it. Continue reading


4 Paddles Arena

4 Paddles Arena is a Multiplayer game by Octacube Studios, where you can play with up to 4 players. In this Arcade game you can play against each other on one mobile device. Try to hit as many balls as possible and steal points from your opponents to win the game. Continue reading

Games Update 1

This post is about mobile games I enjoyed to play in the last few months. I’m not a big gamer, but I do love good games and I enjoy tactical and puzzle games, but also other games which come my way. Some of the following games are still on my mobile phone, because I still play them, but I deleted some of them too, because I played the whole way through them and finished them. Continue reading


Sweethearts by Octacube Studios is a cute puzzle game where you need to match one Sweetheart with its partner to make the clouds happy again!

The game consists of several different levels. It has 4 different Sweethearts: a red fluffy one, a purple hand-less one, a blue big one and a cyan short-handed one. All of them look really cute and I absolutely love them! The developer of the game even gave them names such as: Purpella, Cyano and Bluey. That is something I find adorable cute! When you open the game the home screen shows all the Sweethearts on clouds and when you tap on them they wiggle and jump and smile at you! Continue reading

Picross Luna

Picross Luna is a puzzle game by Floralmong Company, where you have to fill out spaces to create an image. It is based on Japanese crosswords which are picture logic puzzles!

Picross Luna consists of two different game modes. You have a “normal” and a “big” one. In the normal game mode you have 16 different “levels” where you can solve 26 pictures each. While colorizing cells you reveal animals, objects, plants, etc.
In the big game mode you reveal the story of the game. In 21 pictures the story is told and you can read short paragraphs after finishing one big picture.
In every of this game modes you solve pictures with 5×5, 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20 cells. You start with easier ones and the pictures get more difficult with each picture you solve. Continue reading

Ball Control

Ball Control by Octacube Studios is a puzzle game where the player needs to draw lines in order to get the balls into their goals.

The game consists of several tools. The developer made a section in the game where he introduces all these tools and even made a video tutorial:

  • 2 kinds of balls:
    • the balls you need to get into their goals. They can have the color red, blue and yellow
    • the waller ball, which creates a wall behind him.
  • Gravity Inverter: switches the gravity for the balls with the same color
  • Portals: teleport balls with the same color
  • Colorizers: change the color of the balls
  • Switches: when they are activated by a ball in their color they remove the connected wall

Continue reading