180 Seconds

This book is special. It is different. 180 Seconds by Jessica Park is about Allison, who is very shy, anxious and does not trust one easily. But it only takes 180 seconds to change her life completely and she lets other people into her life.

All the way through the book I was not quite sure if I really liked this book. I heard that it is a fantastic book and was curious. But I think I don’t go with the majority. One thing I did not like is that Allison turned her life so fast. I believe if you are so shy and anxious and all the other things she is you can’t suddenly just go to parties and talk to strangers. Also, the sudden fall in love and “I’ve only seen you twice but I know you are differently and that I love you” thing just was a bit unrealistic for me. The relationship between Allison and Esben happened too fast for my liking. But the development of their relationship throughout the book was just beautiful, and also at some points a tad unrealistic. Both of them took care of each other and nobody was pressuring the other into something they did not like. I appreciate that.

Esben is also a very nice and kind young man. He definitely knows how to handle people who are not confident and trustful. And he handles them so good! I can relate a lot to Allison, not with the part of being in foster care, but with the part of being incredible shy and anxious about everything. And in all these situations someone needs a Esben. Something I really love and appreciate is Esben’s work. He is changing the world with what he is doing. Kind acts are so important.
Kerry, sister of Esben, is also a very nice young woman. Also, Allison’s bests friend, Steffi is such a kind soul. She fought her way into my heart. But I think the one I liked the most is Simon, Allison’s adoptive father. He is a wonderful man and so kind. He waits for his adoptive daughter to be ready to actually see a family. He did so much for her and always got her back. That is so nice.

As I said before, at the beginning I was not sure if I liked the book but the last part just blew me away. My heart beat in my chest so furiously, I cried my eyes out. It was so moving and emotional and so realistic (I mean most parts). The ending was beautiful. This book makes you appreciate life a bit more and makes you thinking more about life. Never stop being kind.

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼


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