Late Summer in the Vineyard

Surprisingly I’ve finished Jo Thomas‘ book Late Summer in the Vineyard very quickly. The book is about Emmy, who’s family is really broke. When she gets the chance to go to Paris to work for a wine-maker she takes it and hopes she can earn money to pay of their debts. There she meets Charlie, who is her new boss and both start to fancy each other, but Emmy is not sure about Charlie. Then she meets Madame Beaumont and Emmy’s life gets a new turn.

The book picked up really slow and I was so sure that I won’t like the book as much as I wanted to. But suddenly the book got so interesting and I couldn’t stop reading. It was so nice to read about Emmy and her colleagues getting closer to each other and helping each other out when someone’s in trouble even though they competed against each other at the beginning. You see a lot of friendships and relationships formed. The reader even gets to know a lot about wine and how it is made, which I find really great.

Jo Thomas’ writing style is catchy. Everything she writes is right before your eyes and you see everything so detailed! The cover also looks very beautiful. One thing I did not like is that Emmy sometimes has really dumb and stupid actions, which were not reliable.

This book is a very light and quick summer read and perfect for hot days. It was exactly what I needed right now and I’m happy I discovered the book. A really wonderful and magical book.

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼


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