Billy and Me

My heart is aching. Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher is one of the most romantic love stories I’ve read in a very long time! This book is about Sophie May who does not like to be in the spotlight and suffers from panic attacks. She works in a local teashop which is owned by an elderly woman called Molly. One day a movie is made in this little town and that’s when she meets Billy Buskin, an actor and superstar. They get to know each other and begin to see each other often. That’s when a wonderful love story begins to form.

I really adored the love story between Sophie and Billy. Everything was so fresh and lovely. And I totally get Sophie’s reactions to certain things. It surely is not easy for a “normal” girl to suddenly life in a world of glamour and fame. It was like getting a short inside into the life of a famous person with all the negative side effects. Even when the story line was predicable most of the way through it has not bothered me.

Another fact why I loved this book so much is that I can totally relate to Sophie. I know exactly how she feels when she wants to be perfect and help everyone where she can. She is such a good heart. But I think she over reacts and over thinks certain things in the story. She also gets jealous very easy, but hey I mean who wants to see your boyfriend having onscreen sex with another lady! But at least she stands up for her rights and desires!

Billy and Me is such a light and heart wrenching book. It is a perfect love story for the summer in which you just can get lost. I also love the cover of the book so much! I’ve read several books form Gi Fletcher, but this is by far my favorite one by now. Couldn’t stop reading it! What a wonderful and beautiful story!

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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