Last night I finished Rogue by Karen Lynch and again I absolutely loved the last book in this trilogy! Sara is done hiding and wants to keep everyone around her save. So she decided to run and chases the Master. Her best friends Jordan, Roland and Peter help her on her journey as well as her other friends and new one. During this adventure Sara gains strength and learns how to use her power and after some conflicts she and Nikolas learn to work together very well.

As I said many times before, the Relentless trilogy is one of my absolute favorites! The way Karen Lynch writes is so amazing. I really like her way of writing. She describes everything into detail so you as a reader can see it all perfectly in front of you. I like how she writes about all the different settings in the book. There are a lot of different ones in this book, because the story takes part in the “normal” world and also in the world of the Fae. I also like how she writes about all the different characters! There are a lot of different magical creatures in the book, I never heard of some of them before so a lot of things were very new to me. And I loved learning more about the fantasy world! Back to the characters. I am still so in love with Nikolas! Even if he is a bit too overprotective over Sara and always thinks she can’t handle a lot of things he is still one of my favorite characters. I mean this book is full of incredible great characters! Sara for example developed very well in this book. She got very self-confident and knew what she can do! I like that side. Jordan also took a place in my heart! She’s a very funny character and will always stay with her friends. She is very loyal. I am sad that we did not read a lot about Chris in this book.

About the plot the first part was so interesting to read because Sara and her friends got so far in finding the Master without the help of the “professional” Mohiri. This part was very gripping and there were a lots of twists and turns. The second part was kind of calm, but that’s not the right word for it. Nikolas was back with Sara and she trained a lot to use her Mohiri strength and her power but she also fought a lot and got into some kinds of trouble. The last part was very overwhelming! A lot of things were revealed and a lot of things happened! A lot of them were surprising. Ok, the whole book was very gripping! It never got boring!

I had a big smile in my face while reading several parts of the story and also cried a few times. I am very sad that this trilogy ends now, but I am glad to hear that there are a few spin offs of the trilogy and I can’t wait to read them! Relentless, Refuge and Rogue will always be one of my favorite books. I really love the story and that these books are a bit different than other fantasy ones. I can’t exactly express my love for this book! I really recommend these books by Karen Lynch!

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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