Sweethearts by Octacube Studios is a cute puzzle game where you need to match one Sweetheart with its partner to make the clouds happy again!

The game consists of several different levels. It has 4 different Sweethearts: a red fluffy one, a purple hand-less one, a blue big one and a cyan short-handed one. All of them look really cute and I absolutely love them! The developer of the game even gave them names such as: Purpella, Cyano and Bluey. That is something I find adorable cute! When you open the game the home screen shows all the Sweethearts on clouds and when you tap on them they wiggle and jump and smile at you!

You start playing with only one of the Sweethearts to learn how to play the game in the first few levels, later on the other Sweethearts join in. The levels get more difficult with time and you need to be very careful, because when you make one mistake by matching the wrong partner you need to start this level again. You really need to activate your brain to solve all the levels.

Here is a short introduction video of the game.

2016-11-24 08.20.05.png

The game itself looks really lovely and cute and it is absolutely great that you can make the clouds happy when you match a Sweethearts pair. I really love the design of the game. The game can also be played by younger people or children. It is an amazing game. I managed to solve all the levels which are there right know and now I am waiting for new levels!

Here’s the Link to the Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OctacubeStudios.Sweethearts

I also reviewed a other game by the same developer: Ball Control

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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