Our Town

I needed to read Out Town by Thornton Wilder for my Literary Studies Course at University, so this was not a book I read out of pleasure. Therefore, I do not exactly know how to rate this book. This book is a Play in Three Acts with a Stage Manager who tells you the story of the Play and guides you through it. It is about a small town Grover’s Corner and the people who live there. Mainly the stories of Family Gibbs and Family Webb is told here.

Actually, I really enjoyed reading this Play after getting used to everything that was new to me, because this is only the second play I have read. I liked how the Stage Manager guides the reader through the story and gives us a lot of background information about everything. The characters in the play are pretty lovely too. The three Acts were divided very well and every Act has its own story about the town. I was lucky because the version I bought has an afterword in it where the play and its characteristics are explained in German.

Even though it was a read for University I really enjoyed the story and how the play was constructed. The book is very short so you can read through it very fast!

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼


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