Ball Control

Ball Control by Octacube Studios is a puzzle game where the player needs to draw lines in order to get the balls into their goals.

The game consists of several tools. The developer made a section in the game where he introduces all these tools and even made a video tutorial:

  • 2 kinds of balls:
    • the balls you need to get into their goals. They can have the color red, blue and yellow
    • the waller ball, which creates a wall behind him.
  • Gravity Inverter: switches the gravity for the balls with the same color
  • Portals: teleport balls with the same color
  • Colorizers: change the color of the balls
  • Switches: when they are activated by a ball in their color they remove the connected wall

Ball Control is a really fun but also difficult mobile game with over 80 complex levels! Sometimes it gets really difficult to solve one of those levels, but when you really can’t manage it you can easily skip it! With every level you solve you get one or three stars, one when you need two lines and three if you only need one line to solve the level. With this stars you can open the next set of levels! But no need to worry, you will collect those needed stars easily, even if you need to skip a few levels!

The game itself looks so beautiful! You play in a galaxy with lots of wonderful colors, stars and planets in the background. The menu is neat and easy to use too.

2016-10-24 20.04.33.png

I’ve managed to nearly solve the entire game and I absolutely love it! You even can replay the levels and find out a different way to get the balls into their goals. With this game you can test your patience and skills. Sometimes you really need to use your brain to solve the levels. And I skipped a few levels myself and still try to figure out how they can be solved! I love such challenging games!

Here’s the link to the game:

The developer also made a slimmer version of the game without the space background, some levels are different there too:

If you can not play it on your mobile device, here is a alternative option. Ball Control is also on

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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