The Christmasaurus

The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher is about the young boy William Trundle who loves Dinosaurs like nothing else in the world. His father Mr Bob Trundle does the same with Christmas. For Christmas William wants a Dinosaur and Santa gets him a very special one. Lots of adventures to come!

Even though The Christmasaurus is for young readers I totally enjoyed reading it! It’s such a nice Christmas story!
I loved the way all the elves on the North Pole talked! Tom did a good job with his rhymes. I fell so in love with the elves and their names! They are so nice little creatures. Also Santa is such a nice guy! He is described in such a lovely way so you just must to fall in love with him. I love that he is not exactly the Santa everyone thinks about. Tom kind of made him new. The description of the North Pole is wonderful! There is everything you can dream of.
I have to admit I fell in love with Mr Trundle! He loves Christmas with all his heart and tells his son stories about Santa and the North Pole and he has such a good heart! His son William is also a really nice boy. He is always friendly and helpful.
Our special dinosaur, the Christmasaurus is very magical! How Tom described him he must look so beautiful and magical.

I just love that there were a lot of illustrations in the book so you know exactly how the characters and the North Pole looked like!

This book brought festive cheer to me and I really loved reading it and think it is a wonderful Christmas story! It’s not only for young readers but for everyone! Merry Christmas! ❄

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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