Dream a little Dream

Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher is about Sarah who is single for a few years now, but still sees her ex-boyfriend every now and then because they still have the same friends. Not wanting to lose her friends she isn’t complaining about the situation or the new girlfriend of his ex who he left her for. Someday she starts dreaming of a handsome man she kind of knows in real life too. Suddenly the dream-man appears in real-life and is her colleague.

First I have to say an absolutely love the title of the book! Dream a little Dream is such a gorgeous title! Also the cover is really beautiful! It reminds me of summer days, sunsets and sunshine! It’s just like the other covers form Giovanna’s books.

I had little trouble getting into the book at the beginning because I didn’t quite like the “dreaming” parts in the book where Sarah dreams about her handsome stranger. But when I got further in reading I really began to enjoy the book! Giovanna has her own writing style which I am not quite used to but that’s no problem. I think it is something new and refreshing to read.
The book has a lot of surprising turns within it! It’s not all roses and flowers and it’s not all cliché.

Talking about Sarah, her friends and our stranger, Giovanna has written them so that you can’t just not fall in love with them! Sarah is a really strong and independent woman! She knows exactly what she wants to do and tries to get it.
Her friends are such crazy and lovely people! You just need to love them!
Our handsome dream stranger is also a really nice guy who does not rush things! He’s very concern about Sarah and her well-being.

There were a few things, such as the dreaming scenes, I did not really like but I enjoyed reading the book and look forward reading other books from Giovanna Fletcher.
Dream a little Dream is a wonderful romantic book with a beautiful story!

My rating: ☼☼☼


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