Refuge by Karen Lynch is the second book of the Relentless Trilogy and I have to admit that the second book is as good as the first one! Well done Karen Lynch!

In this book Sara moved to her Mohiri family to live with them and keep her friends and her uncle safe. There she learns how to fight and defend herself. She even discovers her new powers and finally realise what she is able to do. She and Nikolas get closer too in the book and Sara meets new friends and even some family members of hers.

We have a lot of action in Refuge with lots of fights. But the romance also came along and I have to say that it got quite cliche but that’s not so bad. Every book needs some kind of cliche I guess. The romance isn’t to wild and they both take it very slow because of the Mohiri thing I won’t write about because of spoilers. But there were a lot of Awwww-feelings in the book.
The author also gave us a lot of surprising and unexpected events which show us that Sara and the other warriors are only human (more or less) too. They are not that unbelievably strong physically and emotionally. They also mourn about their lost warriors and are also under shock and sometimes can’t handle what just happened.

I am totally in love with Sara’s friends! I have to admit that she probably has the best ones someone can wish for. They always got her back and would risk a lot to keep her safe, they never gonna leave her alone.
Also the new characters in the book are pretty awesome. There are some I absolutely don’t like but Sara’s new friends and family are really nice Mohiri and other magical creatures.
Karen Lynch also introduces new creatures – good and bad ones – you might never heard of before. They were new to me.

Again I recommend the book to everyone who loves to read especially fantasy books. Refuge is a really good book. I can’t wait to read the third book of the trilogy.

My rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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