Lets talk about Relentless by Karen Lynch, on of my most favourite book to be honest.

The book is about Sara Grey whos father was killed by vampires when she was a child. Soon she discovered that there is another world apart from the human ones. She learns about vampires, trolls, demons and lots of other magical creatures. During a fateful night she meets the warrior Nikolas who helps her understand the power she has and the magical world better.

To begin with, this book is not a cliche romance! It is a wonderful and magical fantasy book with lots of new things.

Our female protagonist Sara is a young teenager who fights the bad and is a total heroin who also has breakdowns and can’t handle easily what happened in her life. That is one thing we see rarely in books. She isn’t helpless either, she know when it’s time to ask for help.
Nikolas is our male protagonist and I just have to say that i am totally in love with his name. Even though we don’t get to know him that well in this book I kind of fell for him right away. He is not only a warrior, he is also a caring man who is there to help everyone who needs help.
Also Sara’s friends Roland and Peter and her uncle Nate and Nikolas partner in crime Chris are wonderful described people you will totally going to love in the book!

I just really love this book. The first page were a bit humpy but soon the beauty of the book was revealed to me! It always made me feel warm on the inside. I laughed a lot while reading it and cried my eyes out too and I think that’s what a good book needs to do! It needs to make you feel various emotions while reading.
I liked the way Karen Lynch described everything in the book. She has just a wonderful writing style. Everything she writes sounds magical and that’s fascinating to me.

One part I really want to talk about is the romance in the book, because there is little. This book is an evidence that books do NOT need to have romance and relationships in it to be good. A good book does not need those things at all! It pleases me to finally read a good book without love, heart and roses. It’s just refreshing.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy and wants to read a new and refreshing book about it! But also people who don’t like fantasy that much should give it a try!
As this book is one of my favourite books I am totally looking forward reading the next few books!


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