You’re the One That I Want

Giovanna Fletcher‘s novel You’re the One That I Want is about a love- and friendship story about 3 friends; Maddy, Ben and Robert. They know each other since they are 9 years old and stick together all the time. You just follow them around from them being children to them being grown-ups.

I believe that Gi has a very special way in describing her characters and also their stories. Personally I had trouble getting into the story at the beginning because Giovanna has her own pretty writing style I wasn’t used to. But as I read further I saw the beauty of the story she’s writing about. The way she is telling stories is just beautiful and you fall in love with just everything. I fell in love with the characters, especially with Ben. He’s such a sweetheart to be honest! But also the other characters are nice too, but in Ben I just saw the bestest friend you could ever have!

One thing I really liked about this book is that it is quite a realistic love story and the way Gi is describing everything makes me see it all very clear and right in front of me! It’s not just falling in love, being a couple, fighting, not being a couple and then being a couple again. There are good arguments Gi is bringing up in the story and they sound so real and that makes the love story so realistic.

And the cover is really pretty too! The colours are gorgeous!

I loved reading the book and I’m looking forward reading more stories from Gi!

My rating: ☼☼☼☼


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