On the Other Side

On the Other Side is a wonderful love story and as the author and YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher says “a love story like no other” and that’s so true! The way Carrie describes everything is just a beautiful thing to read! I totally enjoyed reading the book.

In the book Evie Snow needs to find her way through Afterlife and how she can get into her personal heaven. Throughout the book Evie tells you her story when she was younger and about her Love life.

I also love the way how Carrie plays with the names of the characters! We have Mr. Autumn, also Evie Snow our female protagonist and the Family Summer and Mr. Winters and also Miss Frost! I just love the names of all the characters! It’s nice to see that seasons can be beautiful surnames.

Also the cover of the novel is really cute. You can see a lot of symbols which will make sense when you read the book! A Bonus for the cover, the author itself created it what is really nice.

To be honest the “magic realism” in the book was sometimes a bit confusing but there’s so little of it, it won’t disturb your reading.

On the Other Side is just a wonderful and beautiful love story to read!

My rating: ☼☼☼☼☼


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